Developing Black and White

These shots were from my first time developing black and white.
The feeling of devving for the first time, was somewhat scary, I guess I was concerned that I’d do it wrong.
Although the pure excitement after the final wash, getting the film out of the spool and finding images that I captured onto something so real and tangible, not just 1’s and 0’s on a CF card, made it even more special.

I decided to shoot a roll of Kodak TMAX 3200 through my Pentax 6x7 to get some panoramic frames.

It worked out. 

Favourable Circumstances

Favourable Circumstances

This exhibition is a collection of “favourable circumstances”
that were perchance considered as accidental shots,
but now have alternative significance.

All of my personal work is shot on 35mm film or 120 Medium Format film.
There’s something special about capturing a moment that can not be recreated
onto a strip of celluloid film, there is a tangibility with working with an analogue medium,
which isn’t the same with any modern digital technology.

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